Judicial Notice

Judicial Notice is a rule in the law of evidence (Canada).

Allows a fact to be introduced into evidence if: - the truth of the fact is well known, or attested by authority, and - the fact cannot be reasonably doubted

This is done upon the request of the party seeking to rely on the fact at issue.

Public opinion is informed by mainstream and social media and by Big Tech Corporations such as YouTube, Google and FaceBook

A fact given judicial notice must be well – known, notorious, indisputable.

Public opinion therefore informs judicial notice, and therefore court decisions

We need to use old-school techniques to counter the Trusted News Initiative Censorship and drive policy and judicial decisions

Factual information regarding vaccine adverse events, and harms done to individuals by restrictions on civil liberties need to be broadcast

Billboards, message boards, digital media in restaurants and other public facilities, truck wraps etc., cannot be censored

Billboards4Truth intends to mount a national campaign to put factual information back into the public square so the public can make informed decisions